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[15 Oct 2006|11:35am]
Waaaah i spent ages typing it out and my window closed >=(

Ok, so, i'm still figuring out this and i hope it goes by the rules and stuff eh heh heh

 ok, so, shikamaru thought we should leave it there for now and then continueit later on.. hehe, Comment on it if you want =D

~Temari -x-

no more meals that'll eat the consumer =D [14 Sep 2006|12:37pm]
[ mood | yay ! ]

.. well.. it's no secret anymore anyway that i'm a bad cook, i've probably made meals that've come to life and eatent he consumer.. anyway, bakc to the point of my journal, i'm taking cooking lessons =).
Sasuke has kindly agreed to teach me to cook, and i think i'm actually doing very well.
We're starting out with CupCakes, =D everyone likes those right ? Well, they only have to go into the ovan, garanteed theres nothing extra in them well, not anymore anyway.. no eggshells

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Never ! Again ! [03 Sep 2006|12:32pm]
[ mood | Ahhh! ]

Right.. i'm never Going to talk to Sasori ever again atleast not without someone else there with me Becasue he is a derranged loon... Don't anyone say he's notand i'm making this up! ...cause he wants to carve out my eyes !! Oo *shudder* not gonna let on that he scared me though

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Okay ... [01 Sep 2006|09:41pm]
[ mood | hmm.. ]

well .. i jsut tried talkign to Sasori, no respons from him.. guess he's etheir not there or dosent want to tlak to me.. hope it number one


[30 Aug 2006|08:36pm]
[ mood | saaaaad ]

..Shikamaru is weird.. he tells me he dosent want me to come with him to the librery to drop off his books, so, i go along later to meet him, he wasn't outside so i went insdie, and the books he was returning was.. p0rn0 books, i mena.. Hooters and XXX are DEFFINATELY p0rn0 right ?.. can't belive he didn't even want me to come

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WHAT THE HELL ?!!? [29 Aug 2006|10:13pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

i CAN'T belive that Shikamaru !! i go out at night i find him n a hill, and i sit with him, we start talking, and i'm telling him whats on my mind and the thing he says back to me is..

@The real Temari would never say this crap. Admit it, Sasuke. You just want to embarass me."

What the hell is that supposed to mean huh ?.. i AM the real Temari, you happy Kami-sama !!?? i open up to him and he dosent thinkit's me !! * Screams and rambles on about how Shikamaru can be a real dick at times *

~Temari-kun -x- >=(


Shattered ! [27 Aug 2006|11:58pm]
[ mood | sleep deprived ]

i am absolutely shatterd after last night's sparring with Itachi.. it dosent help much that i haven't been sleeping all too well latey ethier, i suppose i'm jsut troubled with ym thoughts at night time aswell as daytime * sigh*

(OoC : i got a massive headache ! plus i managed to go a whole day ( cause it's jsut struck 00:00 )) without going on msn or anythign atall.. man it was hard T-T .. enver again.. ))

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Birthday [23 Aug 2006|01:19pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

well.. today's the day, i'm now officially 19 years old i feel so god damn old

i was out walking yesterday and i bumped into Itachi so, we went into a resturant and he brought me dinner, which i think was terribley kind of him, well he did say it was Deidara's credit cards but still..

Hope my birthday's gonna be cool =)

~Temari-kun -x-

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[19 Aug 2006|04:49pm]
Right, i've had it with that lazy leaf nin Shikamaru ! i mean, saying that he'd rather get laid with a log than me.. it wasn't very nice atall T-T i'm not that cruel or mean am i ?..

I'm officially falling out with him, I am not gonna do anything for him or with him ever again !

~Temari-kun ... no kiss this time.. too angry ..

Truth Or Dare ?.. [17 Aug 2006|09:36pm]
[ mood | drunk ]


Alright.. so.. First it was Sasuke, he asked truth but.. that's not really as interesting as the rest of the game.. he answered with naruto though

Anyway, Sasuke dared Shikamaru to kiss me, not that i'm complaining about him beign a bad kisser... So i shoved him off before i got to involved with it.

Next Shikamaru dared me to.. get this.. strip to my underwear and stand in the rain i never had my bra ! i hated it ! so i thought of an evil dare to do to him.. so.. i can't belive he actually did it i dared him to streak, yes that's right, streak ! Through the house and garden shouting " i Sleep With Rubber Chickens " i like what i saw there though

Sasuke was complaining about it and i was laughing my ass off, sitting in a house with alot of sake in wet through undies and a shirt you know

After Shikamaru the sexy idiotic cunt got dressed and sat down, we continued,

Sasuke got dared to wear a pink frilly apron Shikamaru's one that is and a black and pink ribbon whilst jumping on one leg saying " i am a pogo stick" he didn't do it very well.. and i guess due to everyones drunk minds, we had ran outta sensible dares at that point, also, Shikamaru recived a rather deathful glare from Sasuke...

My question.. i don't even want to repeat it here to my truth question.. well.. it carried on like this for quite a while then we finished so.. BYE
.. i hope it's not in any of their journals..

~Temari-kun -x-

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[17 Aug 2006|07:10pm]
Alright, so, today i'm going round to Shikamaru's place No i Still Don't Have Sexual Tension.. i think... And we're gonna play truth or dare and do some sake drinking but shhh

We were gonna do that yesterday but well.. Sasuke left jsut as it was his turn Damn !

yeha well.. i'll write about tonight later ;)

~Temari-kun -x-

Grr.. that.. Uchiha Sasuke ... [16 Aug 2006|05:23pm]
[ mood | ready to kick sasuke's ass... ]

God ! he's.. such a cocky little basterd ! Saying i have sexual Tension with Nara Shikamaru, i mean, no way ! that's never gonna happen ! that and he's too lazy to even try i'm sure ..

He thinks he so cool jsut because he's got a cool older brother like Itachi AND tons of Fangirls !

i'm really pissed off at him, if i had sexual tension don't you think i woulda known by now !

*sigh* ... i guess i better calm down before i break something...

~Temari-kun -x-

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new [16 Aug 2006|02:13pm]
[ mood | blank ]

well... i've done it, i made my hotmail account now, well, it's best to make one right? nearly everyone else has one

heh, not very creative, right, now i need to add you guys to it.

~Temari-kun -x-


[15 Aug 2006|10:40pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Well, today i stopped by Shikamaru's house and Sasuke was there, and he and Shikamaru were playing Snakes and Ladders.. well.. Sasuke was actually drunk and had a hangover.. Geez..

Well...later on Shikamaru's trying to kick us out of his room by throwing slippers at us, i mean, i'm not the one who was laying in /his/ bed now was i ?

Seriously, next time i'm gonna hit him with my fan...

Oh well, atleast i got to have some fun, i mean, if pulling Uchiha Sasuke out of Shikamaru's bed by the leg, and then dragging him across the floor whislt he's whining about it isn't fun, then i don't know what is =D

yes well, i repaired my fan whilst i was there so, i should be alright in fights again.

That's all for now, i'll write more later on

~Temari-kun -x-

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